Psychological Therapy (self-funded): £70

This rate applies to self-funded psychological therapy appointments, which are offered at the DDCP clinic in Wolsingham. The rate includes a 50 minute face to face meeting, and all associated administration.  Zoom virtual clinics are also included under this rate. There are no hidden costs and psychological therapy is VAT exempt. 

Psychological Therapy (third-party funded): Variable

Treatments funded by an insurance company, solicitor, or other third party are charged at a higher rate due to a greater amount of required administration.. This rate varies by provider and is determined by mutual agreement between DDCP and the third party. 

Assessment Package Offer: £495

An assessment report details the nature of your difficulties and provides recommendations for treatment and/or self-care. It is carried out over five sessions and typically the report takes up to a day to complete. This offer therefore saves you a significant sum compared to paying for session and report-writing time separately. Again, third-party funded rates are higher and determined by mutual agreement, as above.

*This package is priced at £700 for third party purchasers.