Psychological Therapy in County Durham, in Person and Online.

Are you looking for a professional who can safely respond to the emotional difficulties affecting you or someone you care about? Perhaps you have already tried medication or counselling, with limited benefit. You may be looking for specialist input, either because you want this from the outset or because previous treatments have not been effective. 

It is likely that you will want to know that whoever you approach for help will be adequately trained and professionally regulated by a statutory body. As a Chartered Clinical Psychologist I am trained to doctorate level, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council, and registered with the British Psychological Society.

    Specific difficulties I can treat include:

    • Anxiety e.g. generalised anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD
    • Relationship and family issues that are affecting the individual
    • Depression and low mood
    • Trauma, including  PTSD and chronic trauma e.g. abuse
    • Grief and bereavement
    • Stress ...and more  (see our services)

    If your difficulties are less well-defined, it may help to know that I am trained to offer treatment that is responsive to individual need. For example, whilst you may not be diagnosably depressed, you may have felt emotionally troubled for a long time without clearly knowing why. Or whilst you may be anxious about why the same unwelcome thing keeps happening to you in your relationships or at work, you may not have a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

    To find out more about what Clinical Psychologists do and how we differ from other mental health professionals, watch these FAQs videos.