Psychological Therapy

The DDCP clinic room, in Wolsingham.

One of the main benefits of choosing to work with a Clinical Psychologist is that we are trained to draw on and to integrate a range of psychotherapy approaches. I principally draw upon:

The ability to integrate approaches in this way means that I am able to respond with flexibility to each individual I work with.

Arranging a no-obligation, free consultation is usually the first step towards commencing a course of psychological therapy. Online sessions are also available via Zoom.

I have a particular interest in working with complex and/or longstanding difficulties that may not have responded to previous treatment, particularly where that treatment has been brief, as the majority of psychological therapy offered within the NHS today tends to be.

Psychological Assessment & Formulation Package

Psychological Assessments are Available

Psychological therapy always begins with an assessment, where information is gathered about your difficulties in order to understand them better. A preliminary 'map' of what may keep the problems going is then usually developed and shared. This is called a 'formulation' and it tends to evolve as treatment progresses. Typically, the assessment and formulation phases shade in to treatment and a report is not provided.

The Assessment & Formulation package does include a report. This details the nature of your difficulties and the historical and current day context for those difficulties. A preliminary formulation is included, as are recommendations for treatment or management of the difficulties in question. The report is based on an in-depth clinical interview carried out over four sessions. A fifth session is also included and this serves as an opportunity to discuss a draft of the report and to consider any changes that may be required before it is finalised. Often, people wish to have an assessment report to share with their GP.

The Assessment & Formulation Package is typically requested when a person:

  • Prefers to have a report that includes treatment recommendations prior to deciding whether to commit to therapy.

  • Presents with a significant level of risk and/or complexity and a formal assessment is recommended as a first step.

  • Wants an opportunity to talk about their problems in depth before deciding whether psychological therapy is for them.

  • Wishes to consider whether there may be things they can do to help themselves without on-going psychological therapy.

Attending a free consultation is often the first step towards arranging an Assessment & Formulation Package. To find out about pricing, see fees.

Virtual Clinic


I also offer Psychological Therapy via a virtual clinic using Zoom,  which has been described as a more secure and reliable alternative to Skype. Virtual clinics are available on a standalone basis or in combination with standard psychological therapy e.g. for people who prefer to attend face-to-face sessions, but who often work away from home, or who are students living elsewhere outside of term-time.

Professional Services for Colleagues/ Organisations

I have completed a BPS approved Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) training course and am experienced in providing clinical supervision to other psychologists. I am also an accredited Balint Group leader and can provide reflective practice groups in this format. I have significant expertise in the field of adult mental health and am happy to discuss your requirements for organisational training/ consultancy on topics linked to my specialism. Fees for individual clinical supervision are the same as for therapy.

Accredited Balint Group Leader